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Offline Gambler System v 7.0 (Offline System) for more than 80 games


Novomatic CF1

Novomatic CF2



Year: 2011
Genre: Online and Offline casino for your business
Platform: PC
System Requirements: Windows XP SP-2 SP-3 / Minimum
Language: English, Russian
Description: Simulation of gaming machines
1. Added a new set of games and Igrosoft Belatra. Added game Keks, Fruit Cocktail 2, Island 2, Alcatraz, Fairy Land.
Also in the system includes a set of games Duomatic, Multigaminator CF1, Multigaminator CF2.
In total, this system has more than 80 games.
The new administrative software Internet Caffee Administrator v.7.0
Assorted games Mega Jack, Igrosoft, Belatra work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Assorted games CF1, CF2, Duomatic work on Windows XP SP2, SP3
Additional description: A new functional office (program operator).
ability to work in multigame (player chooses his favorite game)
Full control gameplay with a host computer (game server)
including adding and removing credits, loans granted counters, statistics game
All settings and counters games stored on your computer administrator (the Server)
Two modes of play games: Full control with numeric keypad,
mode and touch screen, with control from the keyboard
mouse and a touch screen.
New games in the two CoolFire Novomatic, with a completely redesigned mathematics
and the ability to change the percentage of return, as well as to change the maximum rate up to 1350 credits.
All counters are stored in the registry in encrypted form! (Now there is no file type ikey.dat)
Management program keeps statistics as soon as the hall
(And for reading is not necessary that all computers in the room included)
and separately for each game!
Games stop working automatically when you close the program management
(Or loss of connection), it is also possible remotely close games, or the transfer of computers.
Summary statistics of the hall is under the changes the password, reset the counter
produced directly from a computer administrator.
All settings of games (limits, max. Rates, etc.) are configured directly from the server.
General counters for all the computers and games (of room), with the ability to reset
protected access to the statistics change passwords.
Consolidated into a game with a set of geymselektor Mega Jack, have excellent math original
and lack of game commonly known by the algorithm.
Currently, all the gaming systems that use a set of games, "Igrosoft"
allow you to "drain" excess accrued interest on the already well-known algorithm of the game.
The essence of this algorithm is to play at the minimum rate, with its sharp increase posleduschim,
as well as the change games.
In this version of this hole is missing.
Set Igrosoft has excellent math, which is uniquely appeal to players.

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