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Network versions for Internet cafes - Network versions for Internet cafes

NEW Online-Offline system Slots multi game

Year: 2011 
Genre: Online Offline Casino for your business can be sold with the source. 
This system works both online and offline resources games and other files stored on the server 
on client computers, there is not any information. Customers choose a game from browser pages 
Customers can play without leaving the house, the entrance to a login and password. 
Platform: PC 
System requirements: Windows XP SP-2 SP-3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux. 
Minimum system requirements, you will be able to run this system on any browser 
and on any system, including an android. 
Language: English, every language possible. 
Description: Is it possible to link any payment system such as, Webmoney, E-Gold, MoneyBookers, PayPal, Mastercard. 
Simulation of slot machines, to organize the playing area. 
Terminal Input-Licensure means; 
Support for 2 monitors 
Ability to work as when entering pincode, and in the mode of replenishment of the terminal; 
Ability to work in full screen mode (no display lobby) 
Ability to reassign keyboard shortcuts; 
The interim update server to save bandwidth upgrades; 
Favorable conditions for cooperation for large and regular customers; 
The lowest rate when connected; 
Technical support 365 days * 24 hours. 
Games such as, Mega Jack, Novomatic, Colfire 2 NEW, Duomatic, Igrosoft, and many other games. 
More than 100 games in the system. 
For more information, please write to us 
on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download admin photo and description

Demo Ask for demo access This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Network versions for Internet cafes - Network versions for Internet cafes

Touch Screen Giga Multigame

Year: 2011

Genre: Emulator
Platform: PC
System Requirements: Windows Xp / Vista, 7.
Description: Dual monitors, full screen mode, working on touch screens.
Support for touch input, save game statistics, change the percentage of return,
See General Accounting work with receivers bill, a detailed menu of the administrator,
two inputs cash withdrawals and check printing.
Easy administration of the program, the percentage of return can be adjusted from 50% to 95%
The maximum bet on line 50 credits. Touch Screen. Keyboard support. Support for a computer mouse. The settings menu. Changing the game without losing balance. The complete absence of deadlocks and loss loans. View statistics for each game separately. All statistics is stored directly in the program. Full control over all parameters of the game. Setting limits on playing.
Setting a limit on the multiplication of winnings. All the games run in full screen.
Support bill receiver, support for Hopper.

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Network versions for Internet cafes - Network versions for Internet cafes

Online and Offline Gambler System v4 or v5

Year: 2010
Genre: Online and Offline casino for your business
Platform: PC
System Requirements: Windows XP SP-2 SP-3 / Minimum
Language: English, Russian
Description: Simulation of gaming machines
The system is a software suite for Internet gaming sites in the club.
Client-server communication is carried over TCP / IP protocol (data is encrypted)
that allows the system to work as a local network or the Internet!
Added new game. The system includes the following sets of games
1. Igrosoft: Crazy Monkey, Fruit Cocktail, Garage, Island, Lucky Haunter, Resident, Rock Climber, Zoo
2. Novomatic CoolFire2: Always Hot, Banana Splash, Beetle Mania, Book of Ra, Columbus, Dolphins Pearl,
Dynasty of Ming, Illusionist, King of Cards, Lucky LAdy's Charm, Pharaons Gold II, Pharaons Gold III,
Polar Fox, Royal Treasures, Sizzling Hot, The Money Game, Ultra Hot, Unicorn Magic, Wonderful Flute.
3. Duomatic: Calligula, Chukchi Man, Crazy Haunter, Tarakan, Poker, Casino, Pirates, Garage, Hourse,
Fruct Twist, Monkey Boy, Whisky, Fairy Land
You can connect a gaming clubs with percent.
Additional description: A new functional office (program operator).
ability to work in multigame (player chooses his favorite game)
full control of the gameplay from the host computer (game server)
including adding and removing credits, loans granted counters, statistics game
All settings and counters games stored on your computer administrator (the Server)
Two modes of play games: Full control with numeric keypad,
mode and touch screen, with control from the keyboard
mouse and a touch screen.
New games in the two CoolFire Novomatic, with a completely redesigned mathematics
and the ability to change the percentage of return, as well as to change the maximum rate up to 1350 credits.
All counters are stored in the registry in encrypted form! (Now there is no file type ikey.dat)
Management program keeps statistics as soon as the hall
(And for reading is not necessary that all computers in the room included)
and separately for each game!
Games stop working automatically when you close the program management
(Or loss of connection), it is also possible remotely close games, or the transfer of computers.
Summary statistics of the hall is under the changes the password, reset the counter
produced directly from a computer administrator.
All settings of games (limits, max. Rates, etc.) are configured directly from the server.
General counters for all the computers and games (of room), with the ability to reset
access to statistics changes the password protected

Watch Multi Gambler system v 5 on Youtube


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Network versions for Internet cafes - Network versions for Internet cafes
There are no translations available.

SCG Fantasy Multigame 13 Games + Server

Язык интерфейса: Английский.
Поддержка Toch Screen. Dual Screen. SAS Protocol 6.02. Coin acceptor. Bill acceptor. Hopper.
S-Ticket Voucher System. Key In/Out. JackPot. Network JackPot.
Меню администратора с расширенными настройками.
Настройка Limit Credit. деноминации. Изменение валюты. Сoin/Bill/Hopper.
Процент отдачи - от 65% до 90%. Controls.
Возможность создания USB Master Key
(Используется для защищенного входа в меню администратора и распределения прав доступа).
Защита от копирования на уровне программного драйвера игры.
Полная статистика по каждой игре.
Длинная и короткая бухгалтерия игры.
3 режима работы игр: Cabinet, PC Standalone, PC + Server.

Смотреть видео SCG Fantasy Multigame 13 Games + Server на

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Network versions for Internet cafes - Network versions for Internet cafes

Emulator of slot machines System MAGIC WORLD + Book Of Ra

Year of release: 2010

Genre: 3D / Casino, Emulators of slot machines

Platform: PC

Edition type: the license

Interface language: only English

The description: Games have the rich interface, the denomination, a full administrative part, you can adjust all under yourselves, and play not leaving from the house

The description: the Magnificent drawing and animation, set of versions of bonus games

The description with installation and management, in archive with game

Work with any touch screen. Original graphics, sounds, and mathematics. Working withone or two monitors. Individual settings for each game. Short and long with two keys (USB Flash / USB drive) for Pay in / payments.

To look video Magic world Book of Ra on


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